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New Song Debut!! Here's PLAY NICE.


Survivors! I’m so excited to share this song with you! It’s the official track for Point of Origin, and it’s called “Play Nice.” Recorded by the mega amazing Elle Maze, “Play Nice” is a song near and dear to my heart. When we set out to write this one, we wanted to capture the darkness and intensity of Point of Origin — of seeing the Winters in… winter, of the circumstances as they evolve in the second book from the first — and it does just that.

This one came about pretty organically though. Over a year ago, I got a line stuck in my head that wouldn’t leave me alone: The snow falls and the air gets cold./ You’ve lost all the good in your soul./ The winter wins/ as your restraint grows thin. It started there. As with many songs I write, this one went through multiple iterations. There was a version I played with for months by myself, and I knew I loved parts of it (like that first line), but I couldn’t ever get it quite right. Then I took it to Rick and Deanna, my amazing co-writers, and we started to pull it together. There was a line buried in a verse in my first version that went like this: And I look at you with those cold, cold eyes/ and I don’t see how the fire inside/ doesn’t melt your ice,/ doesn’t make you play nice. Deanna, in all her genius, instantly honed in on this line and said, “This is it. This is the song in a nutshell.” It became the basis for the chorus. Then we started rewriting the whole thing together, and we knew that the idea of “play nice” was all that mattered.

Sadie and Everett’s relationship is tumultuous in Point of Origin. He’s fighting forces beyond his control — like his nature in winter — and so sometimes we see him at less-than-his-best. He has anger, and it’s hard for us to like angry boys. But then there’s Sadie who isn’t all that blameless herself. Everett and all of the Winters keep secrets, but Sadie runs her own ring of trouble she won’t share with anyone. I’ve heard readers say they get frustrated with the decisions she makes, and I can’t blame them. Sadie is always making questionable decisions, which is what we tend to agree on. We agree less on which decisions are questionable. But to me, I sometimes wonder if she isn’t playing fair. She certainly isn’t playing nice. But neither are the Winters.

We wrote this song from Sadie’s perspective, but ask yourself how many different characters in this story could have sung this to one another?

I’m thrilled to present this song to you in its ultimate form. Here are the lyrics. What’s your favorite line?

The snow falls and the air gets cold
You’ve lost all the good in your soul
And the winter wins
As your restraint grows thin.

You took a step and I followed in time
Was the mistake yours, or was it mine?
You let me think I was placing the bet
Architect of this regret

I’m sure you’ve got an endgame,
but I don't know the rules
You bury truth like bodies
Wearing secrets like crown jewels.

Love, my love won’t melt your ice
But why not try, try to play nice?

Your darkness wakes
And it’s picking a fight
Below the belt, beyond the light

I take a step, and you follow in time
You don't see me fall behind

You’re sure I’ve got an endgame,
But you don’t know the rules.

Love, your love won’t melt my ice
And I won’t try, try to play nice.
Love, my love, you’ve felt my ice.

The snow falls and the air gets cold
You’ve lost all the good in your soul
The snow falls and the air gets cold
You’ve lost all the good in your soul
The snow falls and the air gets cold
I’ve lost all the good in my soul.