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Trailer for Body & Blood!


This is a very exciting day for me as I finally get to share with you all a part of something incredibly magical. In January we decided to be film-makers. This trailer for Body & Blood is only one of the results to come from our week of filming and I promise you're going to enjoy them all. 

So, take a look at this exclusive scene adapted from the pages of Body & Blood, coming to you on July 23rd!

Fiction, fashion, fantasy... Film?


So depending on how well you know me, you might just know me as that random YA author chick who occasionally rambles on about transmedia, builds apps and other random things, or that one who won’tshutup. about fashion.

These are all true enough that I can’t deny them. In fact, each is a fairly accurate appraisal of (some part of) my being.

Here’s a thing you (maybe) don’t know: I’m into all these things because they are all (yes, even if not especially fashion) are forms of storytelling. I like stories. I like the fantasmic wistfulness. I like the exploration. I like anything that goes into communicating a story, real or fictional, to anyone, in anyway. (I think, I think that’s why my spiffy new bio ends on a line that goes something like this: “Havard is always looking for the next great story — and the most innovative way to tell it.”)

It should come as no surprise to you, then, that I have aspirations in film. Huge ones. Giant, soul-clutching ones. Do I talk about this a lot? No. Do I talk about enough as it is? Yes. So this one I hold close. My inner circle hears me ramble on about film all the time, but you don’t, and that’s okay. In fact, my dear friend and crazy wicked talented cinematographer, Tyler, and I have text conversations that go like this:

Me: We should make a movie.

Tyler: Let’s do it.

<Two weeks of silence.>

Tyler: We have to make a movie.

Me: I KNOW. Seriously. But we need a script. And… We just… let’s talk more about this.

And so on.

So let’s say a few things about what this NEWS I have is not: I am not telling you I’m making a movie. Not yet. Also: The Survivors is not becoming a movie. Not yet.

But BUT this news is still awesome and here’s why: I care about making huge and giant story worlds. I want to do this for stories I come up with, I want to do it for stories you already know and love, and I want to do it in huge ways with stories you haven’t been introduced to yet. Last week, when I was in New York on business, I said the words, “I just want to build giant stories, even if they aren’t mine,” and someone looked at me and said “That is what you need to remember. And how you need to proceed.” Film, to me, is perhaps the most giant form of storytelling. And as new, weird, evolutionary forms of storytelling come about, what we’re going to see is film playing a massive role in our stories. Whether that’s playing in an immersive story experience on your iPad after you’ve read a book, while waiting for the movie of said wonderful story world or WHO KNOWS WHAT ELSE (this is already getting too long…), I am just SO EFFING THRILLED to see where these big stories are going. And just the same way I make books and music and apps and weird extra content and let you talk to my characters on Twitter and everything else, I also want to get my hand in film.

Imagine, then, my excitement when I was invited to speak at THE NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL. That’s right FILM FESTIVAL. Digital Hollywood, an awesome group that hosts awesome events to discuss ALL THESE THINGS is hosting a Convergence on Immersive Media. (Hey! I like immersive media. That’s probably why I made this.) I’ve been invited to speak on a panel about the new forms of novels. AT A FILM FESTIVAL.

You see it, right? That all all all the kinds of stories are COMING TOGETHER. (Hey, that’s what convergence means… I get it now!) And what’s even cooler? I AM ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO GETS TO TALK ABOUT THIS. I mean, I talk about it anyway. To you. To others. BUT NOW AT THE NEW YORK FILM FESTIVAL.

You’re jumping, right? You’re jumping up and down with me RIGHT NOW, right? Good. I was worried there for a second.

It goes without saying that I am honored beyond belief. And though I am in no way massively delusional and think that somehow this also means BAM, I MAKE FILMS AND SHIT, I do love that I’m even sitting near the discussion, creation, execution, or showing of films. I just love that these dreams I have to tell giant stories are starting to be had by people in all the fields I want to be a part of.


September 30th at Lincoln Center, if you want to come. Which you should. BECAUSE STORIES ARE GETTING BIGGER.

And that’s the best news of all.