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New Song Debut!! Here's PLAY NICE.


Survivors! I’m so excited to share this song with you! It’s the official track for Point of Origin, and it’s called “Play Nice.” Recorded by the mega amazing Elle Maze, “Play Nice” is a song near and dear to my heart. When we set out to write this one, we wanted to capture the darkness and intensity of Point of Origin — of seeing the Winters in… winter, of the circumstances as they evolve in the second book from the first — and it does just that.

This one came about pretty organically though. Over a year ago, I got a line stuck in my head that wouldn’t leave me alone: The snow falls and the air gets cold./ You’ve lost all the good in your soul./ The winter wins/ as your restraint grows thin. It started there. As with many songs I write, this one went through multiple iterations. There was a version I played with for months by myself, and I knew I loved parts of it (like that first line), but I couldn’t ever get it quite right. Then I took it to Rick and Deanna, my amazing co-writers, and we started to pull it together. There was a line buried in a verse in my first version that went like this: And I look at you with those cold, cold eyes/ and I don’t see how the fire inside/ doesn’t melt your ice,/ doesn’t make you play nice. Deanna, in all her genius, instantly honed in on this line and said, “This is it. This is the song in a nutshell.” It became the basis for the chorus. Then we started rewriting the whole thing together, and we knew that the idea of “play nice” was all that mattered.

Sadie and Everett’s relationship is tumultuous in Point of Origin. He’s fighting forces beyond his control — like his nature in winter — and so sometimes we see him at less-than-his-best. He has anger, and it’s hard for us to like angry boys. But then there’s Sadie who isn’t all that blameless herself. Everett and all of the Winters keep secrets, but Sadie runs her own ring of trouble she won’t share with anyone. I’ve heard readers say they get frustrated with the decisions she makes, and I can’t blame them. Sadie is always making questionable decisions, which is what we tend to agree on. We agree less on which decisions are questionable. But to me, I sometimes wonder if she isn’t playing fair. She certainly isn’t playing nice. But neither are the Winters.

We wrote this song from Sadie’s perspective, but ask yourself how many different characters in this story could have sung this to one another?

I’m thrilled to present this song to you in its ultimate form. Here are the lyrics. What’s your favorite line?

The snow falls and the air gets cold
You’ve lost all the good in your soul
And the winter wins
As your restraint grows thin.

You took a step and I followed in time
Was the mistake yours, or was it mine?
You let me think I was placing the bet
Architect of this regret

I’m sure you’ve got an endgame,
but I don't know the rules
You bury truth like bodies
Wearing secrets like crown jewels.

Love, my love won’t melt your ice
But why not try, try to play nice?

Your darkness wakes
And it’s picking a fight
Below the belt, beyond the light

I take a step, and you follow in time
You don't see me fall behind

You’re sure I’ve got an endgame,
But you don’t know the rules.

Love, your love won’t melt my ice
And I won’t try, try to play nice.
Love, my love, you’ve felt my ice.

The snow falls and the air gets cold
You’ve lost all the good in your soul
The snow falls and the air gets cold
You’ve lost all the good in your soul
The snow falls and the air gets cold
I’ve lost all the good in my soul.

Giving it all away! And new music!


The next few days are going to be full of SO MUCH COOL STUFF it's not even funny. Starting today, we're hosting a giveaway because, well, we like giving stuff away apparently. You've got a chance to win one of five copies of Point of Origin for your Kindle, plus a grand prize swag pack including an autographed copy of Point of Origin, an exclusive Point of Origin t-shirt, other swag, AND a $15 iTunes giftcard!

Why are we giving stuff away, you ask? Because for 3 days only, you can download The Survivors for FREE for your Kindle! Already have it? Then send the best gift ever to a friend! Heck, maybe even send it to your enemy as a peace offering. Either way, help spread the love. We always appreciate the love.

And finally, to cap it all off... it's time for a much overdue release of the next Survivors Single! On Tuesday, we'll premier "Play Nice" performed by the super talented Elle Maze. Trust me, you don't want to miss this song. It's SO BADASS.

Until then, we start with the GIVEAWAY! You've got until Friday to enter and can do many things once a day to get more entries, like sharing the contest on Facebook and Twitter and sending to book as a gift. Visit the GIVEAWAY TAB on Facebook for all the details

Good Times in the CIty


Last week I spent some time in New York for some meetings and to appear on a panel during the New York Film Festival. Many fabulous activities ensued... including hang time with the lovely Cara Lynn Shultz and Kate Treadway, an intimate evening with Jack White, about a thousand new fabulous street-style loves, and more idea-conjuring than one should normally have in a day. Here's a few photos that sum up the trip.

Introducing... Survivors Sessions!


Hello, friends. I hate to say it’s been as long as it has, but alas, here I am now with some EXCITING news. How exciting? SUPER EXCITING.

So you know that music is crazy important to me—in life, in my books, just in everything. And we’ve found a number of cool ways to integrate music into the series—from our original songs, “Pretty Girl” and “Breaking,” to the live stream of the Soundtrack playlist here on the site, even to the videos of Soundtrack songs over on my YouTube page.


I’m crazy excited about the launch of this series of videos. The Survivors Sessions actually came about from a few different things. First, I live in Music City, that is, Nashville, Tennessee. There are approximately two super talented people for every one regular person in this town, a ratio I quite enjoy. This is a town where music is king, and I hate how for all the opportunities there are out there, there are still so many of the supertalented Nashvillians who slip through the cracks. Secondly, I love the versions of the songs I chose for the Soundtrack, sure, but sometimes it’s amazing to hear others’ interpretations of these songs—either based on the song itself or based on the book.  Third, nothing makes me happier than collaborating with other talented people—specifically people more talented than I am!

And so from these three ideas came THE SURVIVORS SESSIONS. During each season on Fridays, we’re going to launch a new, original video on my YouTube page that is a cover of one of the songs off of the Survivors Soundtrack, performed by the amazing local talent here in Nashville. (There will be a few exceptions to this—not to the talent part, but to the local part… we’ll explain when we get there!) This is my way of bringing more and more artists and creative energies into THE SURVIVORS project as a whole, and it’s my way of giving you hugely more opportunities to let the music that inspired me inspire you. These covers are AWESOME. Some of them are dead ringers for the amazing originals, and others are hugely inventive interpretations that will chill you to your bones. Let them linger and invade your mind, your soul. That’s what these songs did to me. Let them do that for you.

And here’s a fun bonus: Some of the songs are off the first book’s soundtrack, but some of them are off FUTURE book soundtracks. This means that you can let them get into your head now, think of how they apply to the characters you know and love now, and then obsess your little hearts out over what they might mean for the future.

So, recap: Every Friday, go subscribe to my YouTube page and look for the Survivors Sessions videos. Then, check here for the story behind the song.

We’re kicking off with The Black Keys’ “Sinister Kid” which, hey, doesn’t appear on the first book soundtrack. It actually appears on the third book soundtrack. BUT this song has inspired me for Sadie since I first heard it off The Black Keys’ hugely acclaimed 2010 album, Brothers. I may have it selected for a certain scene in a certain book, but it fits with her as a character as a whole.

The lines that get me are Sadie through-and-through:

A sinister kid is a kid who runs to meet his maker.
A drop dead sprint from the day [she’s] born,
Straight into [her] Maker’s arms.
And that’s me. That’s me.
The [girl] with the broken halo.
That’s me. That’s me.
The Devil won’t let me be. 

I’m also a bit obsessed with… 

I got a tortured mind, and my blade is sharp.
A bad combination in the dark.

These words tell a story of a Sadie-type. And the rock vibe of The Black Keys reminds me that sometimes her messed-up-ness isn’t sad so much as it’s dangerous, a bit thrilling, and still always chilling. Only, even then, her darkness doesn’t consume you. That’s the thing with Sadie, isn’t it? Sometimes the glamour, the runway looks, the money, the cars, the boys… sometimes they make you forget what’s really happening her life. Or, maybe, they make you forget who she is, and what she’s trying to do. That’s what this song does. The amazing musicians behind The Black Keys—Patrick Carney & Dan Auerbach, who, really are AMAZING, perhaps awe-inducing, perhaps deity-esque—make you forget how messed up the character in the song is just enough to get lost in the music. And that’s what Sadie does to you too. 

That’s Minnie Murphy singing, playing the keyboard, and shaking her badass tambourine. And that’s Sean Weaver giving Dan Auerbach a run for his money on his electric guitar. Having these two powerhouse musicians in my living room (did I forget to mention these were all recorded in my living room?), covering a knock-your-socks-off song by two other powerhouse musicians that have all but changed my life is a moment I won’t soon forget. And hopefully, their cover is one you won’t soon forget either. 

I’m so stoked we’re finally here where we can share the Survivors Sessions with you. I’ll see you next Friday with a 13-year-old singer whose voice you won’t believe. Can’t wait.

Adventures in music video making...


Hi kids. I know it's been a while, but I've been traveling, researching, thinking, recording, music-video-shooting, and working of course on my secret shenanigans that you may or may not have heard me talking about on Twitter lately. SO MUCH is developing in Survivor world, much that we'll get to talk about soon!

Last week, we shot the last parts of the music video for our next original song for Survivors, "Breaking." The more we work with this song, the more excited I get about it! Jess Moskaluke, the singer for this song, is just so talented I can't stand it. You can check out her YouTube channel here to hear a sample of what I'm talking about. One of my favorites is her song called "Catch Me If You Can." We had a lot of fun at this second part of the shoot. This was the time where we got to glam her up and get her to sing her heart out a few times on camera. Here are some sneak peeks from the shoot: