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Good Times in the CIty


Last week I spent some time in New York for some meetings and to appear on a panel during the New York Film Festival. Many fabulous activities ensued... including hang time with the lovely Cara Lynn Shultz and Kate Treadway, an intimate evening with Jack White, about a thousand new fabulous street-style loves, and more idea-conjuring than one should normally have in a day. Here's a few photos that sum up the trip.

The city never ages...


This week, the lovely KP Simmon and I made a trip to New York for a few meetings (and shopping) about all of our super secret cool stuff. We met with Amy Evans, whom our UtopYA friends should remember, about the world of transmedia, apps, and future-stuff. Obviously, a good time was had by all, as evidenced by these glorious photos.

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More to come, kids. Things are getting exciting in Amanda-land.