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Cool morning, Cooler look.


This fall, as the mornings turn crisp, I'm not breaking out old favorites but embracing a whole new wardrobe. This has given me the chance to add in fun by timeless pieces, like this Parker boucle blazer with leather trim and zipper detail (this pic doesn't do it justice!). It's been a fun challenge to get myself together every morning, reinventing my pieces into new outfits day in and day out. Today, I had everything from a business meeting to a big wig donor dinner, grocery shopping, and lunch with a friend. And so I offer myself this challenge: what's a practical, comfortable, totally on-trend, totally stylish way to put myself together for every event today. I start with a statement — the jacket – and build around it. A practical but perfect heeled oxford and a cozy legging. A skirt that adds volume and movement and youth. A top knot to look sleek. And the oh-so-important color pop and whimsy. Don't make yourself too serious. Don't style yourself in a way that makes you feel less than your best.

Style isn't meant for weekends and nights out. It's meant as a way of life. So start living the life, from the board room to a soccer field to a date night.

Don’t compromise your street style passions to fit your grown up life. Find a way to be your most stylish self in every room you enter.

Good Times in the CIty


Last week I spent some time in New York for some meetings and to appear on a panel during the New York Film Festival. Many fabulous activities ensued... including hang time with the lovely Cara Lynn Shultz and Kate Treadway, an intimate evening with Jack White, about a thousand new fabulous street-style loves, and more idea-conjuring than one should normally have in a day. Here's a few photos that sum up the trip.