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Character Style

Character Style

In The Survivors, Amanda uses real style and fashion pieces by real designers from current collections to give depth and place to her characters. She loves to use style to give detail to her characters, painting a subtly fuller portrait of them than may have otherwise been. Sadie's love of fashion is the reason you see it so much in the books, though-- it's something she always notices! Here, Amanda highlights the style descriptions of some of the main characters in the book.

Sadie Matthau – Facebook | Twitter

Sadie's our fearless if not messed up protagonist is 144-looks-19- maybe-21. She’s got the supermodel body type with a reserved attitude but a less-than-reserved fashion sense. Sadie got into fashion because she's trying to pass as human and what's more obviously, outwardly human than appearance? Only, once she got into style, she fell in love with the art of it. She's always got a Fendi spy bag on her, and she travels the world living out of luxe hotels, flying first class, or driving around in a Mercedes CL 63 AMG. She's the kind of girl in a Helmut Lang leather-and-fur biker jacket and over-the-knee boots running through rural Russia chasing down some weird breed of vampire. Because she can. Style signatures: A Fendi spy bag, glossy black-brown hair, wearing couture in inappropriate places.

Cole Hardwick – Facebook

Cole is Sadie’s human love interest, a young 20s investment banker type. The all American kid from Tennessee. Quiet. Well-spoken. Unassuming. Absurdly gorgeous. Most of the time he's in a Brooks Brothers suit, but when he dresses down, he's got his own style. Favorite look from book one: "...jeans and a retro-feeling Thom Browne cut and sewn shirt with a Zegna sweater over it, a casual Theory blazer over that."

Everett Winter – Facebook | Twitter

Everett Winter is the 163-looks-young20s, darker, brooding, immortal one of the boys. Everett is supernatural in every way. Green eyes, chocolate hair, ivory skin. His look is Ray Bans and Gucci boots stepping out of a Maserati. A Ferragamo blazer over a classic, crisp white Dior Homme dress shirt when he's dressed up. He's detailed perfection in every way: A silk Brioni pocket square. A Dolce & Gabana jean. The right amount of danger, the right amount of class.

Ginny Winter – Facebook | Twitter

Ginny, 144-looks-19-maybe-21, is Everett's younger sister. Likened by her family to the goddess Diana (the will and cunning strength of Artemis paired with the beauty of Aphrodite), Ginny is fierce. She's blonde, tanned, and inherently not what you'd expect for someone born in the Victorian era. She's a flashy California girl in Louboutin stilettos stepping out of a candy apple red Lotus. She's flippant and short, and couldn't be bothered to give you time of day. She's the most fashion-obsessed of them all. Her Twitter talks about attending the haute couture shows in Paris while managing to fly under the radar. Ginny Winter is the girl who tells you so much you'd never know what's she hiding, and so the same applies to her style. Catching that much attention from her look, you'd never know she's expertly keeping you at bay. Style signature: A cameo statement ring picturing the goddess Diana.

Mark Winter – Facebook | Twitter

Mark, 101-but-still-a-teenager, is the youngest but most powerful Winter. You need to know nothing else about him except that he looks the part of the bad boy realistically enough to make you forget he's a really good guy underneath. There's nothing in the world he cares more for than looking out for his sister, Ginny, and maybe his new adopted one, Sadie. He splits his nights and days between acting as a vigilante and sizing up girls in his native California. Style signatures: a leather motorcycle jacket, care of Burberry Prorsum.

Corrina Meyer Williams – Facebook | Twitter

Corrina, 23, is Sadie's human best friend. Think of her style as one part over-the-top Dallas, one part preppy signature Tory Burch Vandy girl, and one part utter cool. She's the girly one in sundresses and Manolos from the nights she stayed up watching Sex and the City when she was too young to. She's a bubbly, curly- haired redhead who has a fondness of bouncing when happy. And she wore an Alice + Olivia cocktail dress to her wedding rehearsal that she only chose because Taylor Swift wore it in a CoverGirl ad. That’s Corrina.